Scientific and Industrial Metrology
According to the current legislation, in the field of scientific metrology, IMBIH as a national metrology institute (NMI) realizes a standard base in Bosnia and Herzegovina, develops, implements, proclaims and maintains state standards, ensures traceability of state standards to the realization of units at the international level, i.e. in the system, makes decisions on the proclamation of state standards, deals with research and development, and proposes development projects and determines priorities in their implementation. Also, within the scientific metrology, IMBIH participates in the work of international organizations and represents Bosnia and Herzegovina and implements international agreements on cooperation in the field of metrology, and organizes and coordinates scientific and research activities.
IMBIH is the only competent institution for establishing a base of state standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The standard base in BiH is established on the principle of distributed metrology system where state standards are created, stored and maintained in IMBIH laboratories, which also ensures their traceability at the international level, and in accordance with the strategic importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina, state standards can be established. with other primary persons who meet the prescribed metrological requirements, and IMBIH may recognize such standards as state ones. These legal entities, i.e. holders of state standards, become designated institutes (DI - designated institutes) in the field of scientific metrology for areas that are not developed in IMBIH, and are of strategic importance for BiH.
The Rulebook on State Standards ("Official Gazette of BiH", No. 67/12) prescribes requirements for the implementation, storage and maintenance, as well as the proclamation of state standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
IMBIH has realized standards in the field: mass, pressure, temperature, humidity, time and frequency, electrical quantities, volume and the field of chemistry for testing precious metals, and has a total of 72 calibration and measurement capacities published in the BIPM KCDB.
IMBIH has achieved cooperation and in the status of a designated institute (DI) within the CIPM MRA has registered two legal entities for the holder of the state standard:
  • field of chemistry, water testing, Water Institute d.o.o. Bijeljina (IW), Bijeljina and
  • area of ​​mass and related size, gas flow, KJKP Sarajevogas d.o.o. Sarajevo (LABSAGAS), Sarajevo.
IMBIH proves its competencies through a procedure that is only available to NMIs, i.e. DIs that countries have registered under the BIPM. The process of achieving international recognition for national standards, as well as constant certification, is realized through participation in the work of EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes), a regional metrology organization for cooperation of national metrology institutes. IMBIH actively participates in EURAMET intercomparisons within which it proves its competencies, and confirms through Peer Review, external audits within EURAMET, self-declaration regarding the implementation of standards for proving the competence of testing and calibration laboratories EN ISO / IEC 17025. Also participates in EURAMET technical committees, in scientific research projects, and thus develops technical competencies, such as the establishment of new methods, the establishment of the implementation of new state standards, or new metrology areas, and develops cooperation with other metrology institutes.
The Institute of Metrology of BiH is a signatory of the Agreement on Mutual Recognition of the International Committee on Weights and Measures (CIPM MRA) within the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) dated June 15, 2011, which was preceded by the associated membership of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the International General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) on May 24, 2011. The CIPM MRA provides users with quantitative information on the comparability of national metrology services and provides the technical basis for broader trade agreements. Under the CIPM MRA Agreement, all participating institutes mutually recognize the validity of calibration and measurement certificates for the sizes, ranges and measurement uncertainties reported for national standards in the BIPM KCDB (Key Comparisons Database at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures).
The certificate issued by the state laboratories under the CIPM MRA agreement (bearing the CIPM MRA Logo) can be accepted with the highest level of confidence, because the measurements performed under the CIPM MRA are traceable to the SI system. Since 2012, IMBIH has the authority to affix the CIPM MRA logo to its certificates when it comes to calibration and measurement in the area covered by proven calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC) published in Appendix C CIPM MRA and entered in the BIPM KCDB.
In addition to this procedure of proving competencies within the CIPM MRA, some IMBIH laboratories have proven their competencies by accreditation (examination activities and PT activities in the field of chemistry) in front of accreditation bodies operating within the European accreditation. Also, IMBIH provides other services that are not covered by CIPM MRA, but provide metrological traceability, through reference standards, as they are related to continuous development aimed at meeting the needs of government laboratories, industry and the scientific community (in and out of the country as needed) in terms of achieving traceability of measurement and provision of reference services.
In the field of industrial metrology, IMBiH ensures the traceability of measurements, i.e. standards and lower level meters by conducting calibrations, proposing development projects, conducting professional studies and cooperating with scientific and research organizations, institutions or individuals in the implementation of these projects. Industrial metrology realizes calibrations with the aim of disseminating units of measurement from state standards that have been established in scientific metrology. Providing the service of organizing interlaboratory comparison at the state level (ILC) provides a mechanism for testing the capabilities of accredited calibration laboratories in BiH in accordance with the requirements of BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025.
Professional services provided by IMBIH in the field of industrial metrology include:
  • measuring instrument calibration services,
  • chemical testing services,
  • aptitude testing (PT) services, i.e. organizing interlaboratory comparisons to the state level (ILC), as well as
  • metrological expertise services (consultations, preparations of professional studies) and
  • knowledge transfer services.
In order to meet the goals of scientific and industrial metrology, IMBIH laboratories are committed to the continuous implementation of quality management systems in accordance with the requirements of BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025 and BAS EN ISO / IEC 17043, and the improvement of the overall quality management system is covered by the Quality Committee.
The provision of metrology services supports the development of the BiH economy, and contributes to the development of a competitive economic environment. Reliable, traceable and internationally recognized measurement results contribute to confidence in the services and products provided in BiH. This is one of the preconditions for placing products from BiH on the EU market and market protection in BiH.