In its work, the Institute of Metrology of B&H conducts research activities within all metrology branches. One of the constant quality goals of IMBIH is the publication of conducted research and achieved results in relevant scientific and industrial peer reviewed journals, and other types of publications that treat metrology topics from the aspect of standardization and normative application, as well as popularization in all social groups.
IMBIH also periodically publishes its activities by means of the official gazette "Bulletin of the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina", which has so far had a number of editions with different structure and content. IMBIH plans to publish the Bulletin regularly, and the last issue it was thematically dedicated to the redefinition of basic measurement units in the international SI system, and to the research activities of IMBIH. Most of the texts were also prepared in English for the purpose of promoting the work of IMBIH abroad.
Below is an overview of the most important publications, which include scientific and conference papers, books and own publishing: