Laboratory for Mass and Related Quantities

Laboratory for Mass and Related Quantities (LM IMBIH) acts as a part of the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the main competence is the realization and maintenance of the national standard for mass and dissemination of value of the mass unit kg, to the standards of the lower level of accuracy, with the aim of ensuring the measurement traceability in the field of mass in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to mass as the main unit of measurement, laboratory realizes the derived measurement units and maintains the national standards of the related quantities, like pressure and density, and ensures the traceability and dissemination of their measurement units.

LM IMBIH consists of the following:

  • Laboratory for mass;
  • Laboratory for pressure and vacuum; 
  • Laboratory for density and viscosity.

LM IMBIH has proven first competencies in the field of mass at the international level and on June 8, 2012 entered its calibration and measurement capabilities on behalf of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the BIPM database at the International Committee for Weights and Measures (Appendix C CIPM MRA), and on its calibration certificates indicates the recognizable CIPM MRA logo. LM IMBIH in the field of pressure has proven its first calibration and measurement capabilities in the field of absolute and gauge pressure on February 10, 2019.

The LM IMBIH maintains the national E0 standards from stainless steel in the field of mass from 1 kg and E1 standards from 1 mg up to 5 kg, as well as working standards with the lower level of accuracy and larger nominal masses. Dissemination of mass unit is realized by comparators with high accuracy. For realization of the measurement unit for pressure on pressure balances two piston-cylinders are used: 10 kPa/kg and 200 kPa/kg for realisation of gas pressure from 4 kPa to 7 MPa and piston-cylinder of 2 MPa/kg for realisation of oil pressure from 2 MPa – 200 MPa. The national standard in the field of vacuum is SRG (Spinning Rotor Gauge) for realization of the vacuum, in terms of ultra-high vacuum system (UHV), with the range for measuring vacuum up to 10-5 Pa. The laboratory possesses three CDGs (Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges) in the range from 10 Pa up to 100 kPa. The national standard in liquid density field is primary standard which uses Si (silicon) spheres 500 g and 1 kg for the hydrostatic weighing instrument (HID) in the range from 600 kg/m³ up to 1800 kg/m³.

LM IMIH has decided to establish, maintain and continuously improve the management system according to the requirements of the competency standards of the calibration laboratories BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025.  We certify the quality management system of the laboratory through the Peer Review within EURAMET, and confirm by the Technical Quality Committee (TC Q) within EURAMET, from 2011 on annual basis. Accordingly, it periodically confirms its quality system through external audits Peer Review, organized for technical fields of mass and pressure. 

Participation of LM IMBIH in international technical committees:

  • EURAMET TC M, Technical Committee for Mass and Related Quantities  (SC M Mass Subcommittee, SC P Pressure Subcommittee, SC D Subcommittee for Density) and
  • COOMET TC M, Technical Committee for Mass and Related Quantities.

International recognition based on the participation of LM IMBIH in intercomparisons for the mass field (more):

  • EUROMET 592 “Inter-comparison in mass” 
  • EURAMET 1120 “Comparison of Mass Standards for SEE” 
  • EURAMET 1222 “Comparison of 10 kg Mass Standard For SEE Countries” 
  • EURAMET 1350 “Comparison of sub-multiples of the kilogram” 
  • EURAMET 1346 “ Key comparison of 1 kg mass standards
  • EURAMET 1300 “Comparison of 500 kg Mass Standard”
  • „ILC - Calibration of NAWI“ organized by BATA and NA (Accreditation body of Norway) 
  • EURAMET 1040 “Comparison from 100 µPa up to 1 Pa using a SRG as a transfer standard” 
  • EURAMET 1041 “Comparison up to 200 kPa in absolute and gauge pressure” 
  • EURAMET 1179 “Pressure standard comparison, gas media and gauge mode, from 0,7 MPa to 7 MPa” 
  • EURAMET 1252 “Comparison in the range of 10 MPa to 100 MPa of liquid pressure”   
  • „ILAC 10012-1 Comparison Digital pressure gauge” organized by BATA and in cooperation with ČMI (Czech Metrology Institute). 

Participation in EMPIR research projects within EURAMET framework (more): 

  • LM IMBIH has participated in the EMPIR project in the field of mass EMPIR – project 14RPT02 AWICal “Traceable calibration of automatic weighing instruments operating in the dynamic mode”, in the period of 2015-2018 with the aim of development of reproducibility calibration methods for evaluation of the measurement uncertainty for the different types of automatic weighing instruments operating in the dynamic mode (link: ).
  • LM IMBIH participates in the three-year EMPIR project 17RPT02 rhoLiq “Establishing traceability for liquid density measurements“, which started in May, 2018. Project involves realization of the measurement traceability when determining the liquid density, and preparation of proposals of the calibration procedure as the reference guide for this type of calibration (link:
  • LM IMBIH participates in EMPIR project 18RPT02 adOSSIG  „Developing an infrastructure for improved and harmonised metrological checks of blood-pressure measurements in Europe“, which started in June 2019 - The project is focused on increasing the reliability and accuracy of blood pressure measurements by developing an advanced oscillometric signal generator and establishment of new calibration methods and services in blood – pressure metrology.
  • LM IMBIH participates in three-year project EMPIR 19RPT02 RealMass „Improvement of the realisation of the mass scale“. Within research and exchange of experiences, this project is going to improve the procedure for dissemination of mass, i.e. realization of mass scale for E1 class and propose the draft of EURAMET guidelines for calibration of mass with high accuracy in order to support a harmonized approach.
Azmir Alić
Technical Manager of the Laboratory for Mass and Density
Alen Bošnjaković
Technical Manager of the Laboratory for Pressure