Laboratory for Time and Frequency

The basic tasks of the laboratory for time and frequency are the realization and dissemination of the basic SI unit for time - seconds, the maintenance of the national time scale UTC (IMBH), and the distribution of official time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the implementation of the basic time unit, the laboratory uses an ensemble of high-performance cesium-based atomic clocks, which represent the BiH state standard for time and frequency and participate in the realization of the international time scale - Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

The International Time Scale – UTC is calculated and maintained by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) based on a continuous comparison of 600 atomic clocks from over 90 national TF laboratories around the world. The results of this CIPM key intercomparison are the monthly reports, the so-called BIPM CircularT, which provide traceability of local UTC(k) approximations to UTC. The Time and Frequency Laboratory of IMBIH participates in the realization of UTC and thus ensures the international traceability of time and frequency measurements:

UTC(IMBH) time is available over the Internet via two public NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers. For users who need a more reliable and high-quality service, it is possible to distribute time and frequency through fiber optic and microwave links.

The laboratory offers calibration services at the highest level in BiH in accordance with BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025 with an internationally recognized calibration certificate with the CIPM MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) logo for calibration of measuring instruments and sources of time and frequency signals.

The laboratory participates or has participated in the following intercomparisons through which it proves its competence:

  • Continuous participation in the key CIPM intercomparison CCTF.K001.UTC related to ensuring TF traceability, UTC calculation, and rapid UTC,
  • G1G2 calibration of the GNSS receiver in the laboratory for time and frequency realized in cooperation with the German Metrology Institute (PTB),
  • Realized intercomparison within EURAMET related to time interval measurement (EURAMET.TF-S1 Supplementary Comparison).

The laboratory participates in EMPIR/EMN scientific research projects, of which the following are currently underway:

  • EURAMET EMPIR project: "RF measurements in the future communications applications (FutureCom) -20IND03”;
  • EURAMET EPM project: Development of RF and microwave metrology capability II

In addition, the laboratory participates in the work of the technical committee for time and frequency (TC-TF) in EURAMET.

Osman Sibonjic
Technical manager of the Laboratory for time and frequency
Sani Šarčević
Tehnički rukovodilac laboratorije za vrijeme i frekvenciju