Laboratory for Electrical Quantities

With the significant development of measurement technology, and technology in a broader sense, there is a necessity from metrology as a science of measurement to confirm its validity, both in qualitative and quantitative sense. Consequently, metrology of electrical quantities is in considerable development in recent years. This development has to include almost all modern scientific, industrical and societal challenges, such as revision of SI units, digital transformation of industry, change in usage and generation of electrical energy, medicine, nanotechnology, environment, etc. Laboratory for electrical quantities of Institute of metrology of BiH is part of these unavoidable processes, which with its constant advancement, both in technical and expert sense, tends to follow and make its contribution to the development of this metrological discipline. Primary task of the Laboratory for electrical quantities is realization of recognized standard basis in order to ensure international traceability of measurement results in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Metrological basis of all electrical measurements consists of primary standards for voltage and resistance, which are based on very stable and accurate reference standards (Zener cells, thermal converters, resistors, etc). The rest of electrical quantities are derived from these standards with help of  special equipment for scaling. Thus, measurements in the range of micro- to tera-ohms and micro- to kilo-amper/volt in frequency range from DC to 1MHz are realized. 

Mission of Laboratory for electrical quantities consists of several important activities, such as:

  1. Development and application of primary methods which ensure realization, maintenance and dissemination of reference values, of both base and derived quantities, and provides traceability to SI units. 
  2. Participation in key and other international intercomparisons in order to confirm calibration and measurement capabilities in BIPM KCDB.
  3. Participation in various national and international research projects.
  4. Improvement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of electrical engineering through various conferences, scientific papers, seminars, etc.

Laboratory for electrical quantities continuously works on proving and expanding its competence through active involvement in various international research projects, dedicated to development of metrological capacities of the Institute, and which include participation from national metrological institues of other countries, university laboratories and other intereseted parties.

Srdjan Calija
Technical manager of the laboratory for electrical quantities
Vladimir Milojević
Tehnički rukovodilaclaboratorije za električne veličine