Laboratory for Volume and Flow

Laboratory for Volume and Flow (LV) acts as part of Institute of metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the main responsibilities of the laboratory are realization, maintaining and keeping the national standards for volume and flow, as well as ensuring achievement of traceability in the field of volume and flow measurements. 

Measurement of volume and flow, as derived quantities of the SI system of units, plays important role not only in science and industry, but also in everyday life, while its importance in the field of health and health care is increasing.

The laboratory consists of:

  • Laboratory for calibration of volume of liquids,
  • Laboratory for calibration of low gas flow meters

Liquid volume is determined from the known mass and density of liquid which is used for calibration (gravimetric method) or by filling of the known volume into the calibrated item (volumetric method). Mass and volumetric low gas flow meters are calibrated by method of comparison with referent meter (master meter).

The Laboratory offers its services in accordance with the quality management system according to the requirements of BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025.

In order to prove and expand its measuring capabilities, the laboratory participated in international interlaboratory comparisons:

Since the establishment of the activities in the IMBiH, the Laboratory for volume and flow has been actively involved in international research projects under EURAMET, i.e. "EMRP" and "EMPIR":

  • EMRP ENG59 NNL: "Sensor development and calibration method for inline detection of viscosity and solids content of non-Newtonian fluids" (
  • EMPIR 17IND12 Met4FoF: „Metrology for the Factory of the Future“ (
  • EMPIR 18HLT07 MedalCare: „Metrology of automated data analysis for cardiac arrhythmia management“ 
  • EMPIR 16ENV08 IMPRESS 2 (Researcher Mobility Grant): „Metrology for air pollutant emissions“ (
  • EMPIR 17NRM05 EMUE (Researcher Mobility Grant): „Advancing measurement uncertainty - comprehensive examples for key international standards“  (  
  • EURAMET EMN MATHMET: European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics
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