Laboratory for Temperature and Humidity

The basic task of the Laboratory for Temperature and Humidity is the realization of the temperature unit and the international temperature scale ITS-90, dissemination of the traceability in temperature and humidity measurement and the provision of calibration of temperature and humidity measuring instruments. The laboratory offers its services in accordance with the quality managing system according to the requirements of the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

With the aim of proving and expanding the measurement possibilities, the laboratory has participated in the sequence of the international interlabratory comparisons: EURAMET 1251, EURAMET 1358, EURAMET 1357, EURAMET 1268, EURAMET 1382, EURAMET.T-K9, COOMET № 642/MD/14, EURAMET 1442, EURAMET.T-K7.4 and EURAMET 1459.

From the beginning of activities in the field of temperature and humidity at IMBiH, laboratory staff have actively participated in international research EURAMET, EMRP and EMPIR projects in this field:

Semir Cohodarevic
Head of laboratory/Technical Manager of the Laboratory for Humidity
Nedžadeta Hodžić
Technical Manager of the Laboratory for Temperature