Laboratory for Ionizing Radiation

IMBIH SSDL Laboratory for ionizing Radiation or Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL) is a secondary standard calibration laboratory for realization and maintaining of national standards for Gy (Gray) and Sv (Sivert) for gamma and X radiation in the country, scientific research and calibration of dosimeters in fields of radiation protection and diagnostic radiology.

Calibrations are performed for quantities: Air Kerma, absorbed dose, personal dose equivalent  at 10 and 0.07 mm depth (Hp(10) and Hp(0.07)), ambient dose equivalent at 10mm depth H*(10) and exposure in the fields of diagnostic radiology and radiation protection.

To perform these activities, SSDL has a closed source of gamma radiation (Cs 137) and a generator of X radiation, i.e. calibration X-ray (40kV-320kV). Except for calibration purposes, these sources can also be used for irradiations with very precise dose values rate for research purposes.

From 2018, IMBIH SSDL is a full member of the IAEA / WHO SSDL  Network and is continuously working on proving and expanding its competences by acquiring new measuring equipment and improving the expertise of staff. The laboratory is actively involved in European research metrology projects EMPIR as well as a number of technical cooperation projects:

  • EURAMET EMPIR 17RPT01 DOSEtrace project “Research capabilities for radiation protection dosimeters“-which is coordinated by IMBIH and participates in almost all activities of the project, aims to improve traceability to SI measurement of operating variables that are used in radiation protection.
  • IAEA technical cooperation project TC BOH9009 “Sustaining an Integrated Management System and Capabilities in the Regulatory Body and Strengthening Capacities of the Dosimetry Laboratory˝.
  • CMI: SSDL participates in a bilateral project with Czech Institute CMI “Expansion of capacity and services of the Institute of Metrology of BiH II.
  • PTB: SSDL participates in a bilateral project with the German National Metrology Institute.
Vedrana Makaric
Technical manager of the laboratory for ionizing radiation