Laboratory for Chemistry and Units of measurment in Chemistry and medicine department

The Laboratory and Department act in the field of scientific and legal metrology with a tendency of development in the field of industrial metrology.

The primary responsibility and obligation of the Laboratory and Department is to:

  1. ensure the implementation, maintenance and dissemination of reference values in the field of quantities in chemistry, and ensure traceability to SI through the development and application of primary methods and reference materials;
  2. validate calibration and testing  competencies at BIPM KCDB through successful participation in key and other international comparisons;
  3. share information and transfer knowledge in the field of metrology in various fields of chemistry through conferences, scientific papers, seminars, etc.

The Laboratory and Department is continuously working on demonstrating and expanding its competencies through active participation in various international research projects, dedicated to the development of the Institute's metrology capacity, involving national metrology institutes of other countries, as well as university laboratories and other stakeholders.

Katarina Hafner-Vuk
Head of laboratory/Technical Manager of the Laboratory for Organic Chemistry
Aida Jotanović
Head of department/Technical Manager of the Laboratory for Inorganic Chemistry